On Target Training

The key to successful training is having the appropirate focus for both material content and training delivery. Logos Ltd. delivers that focus by providing:


  • Training based on your company's process/product/workflow
    Generic "features and functions" training is simply not as effective as training that demonstrates to the target audience how to use the tool or process as part of their job. Logos Ltd. trains people not just how to use the tool or process, but specifically how they will use the tool or process to get their job done. Training that relates to the work they do.
  • Training presentation appropriate for the audience and the product
    In today's world there are many ways to present training from traditional instructor-led to on-line webinars to fully featured elearning courses. Logos Ltd. is experienced in developing training across platforms and can help you determine which will work best for your training goals.

  • Unique training objectives for each target audience
    At Logos Ltd. we have experience designing tailored training solutions for tools that often have more than one target audience with each group having a different learning objective.
  • Hands-On and Real Life
    Retention of information is much greater when students are able to practice what they are learning. Whenver possible, Logos Ltd incorporates hands-on training using "real-life" examples and exercises to replicate scenarios that they experience on the job. The more "real" the experience, the more likely students will retain the information and the more relevant the training materials will be as reference.

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